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About the Wall of Hope Brick Campaign

We are excited to announce our Wall of Hope Brick Campaign as we enter the final fundraising stage for our Capital Campaign.

If you’ve seen The Other Side video, you might remember some of the women talking about what “the wall” means to them. For years, women who have come through our Social Detox Program have chalked their names on our brick wall in the backyard – a tradition that embodies how one alcoholic woman gives hope to the next.

Since we are unable to take the wall with us to 4513 Gaston Ave, we wanted to build something to embody the purpose and represent the memory of this wall at our new space. The “Wall of Hope” will create a semi-enclosure to the Meditation Garden, where women at The Magdalen House will go to pray, meditate, read, and meet with their sponsors.


Whether you’re a woman in recovery or an advocate for The Magdalen House, your customized brick tile will give hope to countless alcoholic women for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a brick tile?

The “Standard” 4×8 brick is $100, while the “Large” 8×8 is $300.

2. What can I put on my brick tile?

Only text is allowed on brick tiles. The total number of characters, including spaces and punctuation, is limited to 18 per line.

Please note, you will have the option to preview your brick before purchasing. More information can be found below in the “How to Order” section below.

“Standard” size (4” x 8”): three lines of text.


“Large” size (8” x 8”): six lines of text.


3. What forms of payment are accepted for my purchase?

  • You can pay using a Credit (or Debit) Card that is one of the following: Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. The charge on your statement will read Bricks R Us.
  • You also have the option to pay by check.

4. Which option should I choose – in recovery or advocate?

  • In Recovery – If you are an alcoholic woman in recovery, or you are purchasing a brick that is honoring an alcoholic woman, this is the option to select. These bricks will face the Meditation Garden to give hope to the newly sober woman at The Magdalen House.
  • Advocate – This is for all of our wonderful advocates, supporters, friends, and family members that want to show their support for The Magdalen House.
  • Sponsor A Brick – If you are interested in sponsoring a brick to help us ensure that as many alcoholic women who want bricks are afforded the opportunity on the Wall of Hope. Please indicate within the brick text that you are donating this brick back to The Magdalen House. (More information about Sponsored Bricks can be found in question #10, below)

5. Is my purchase tax-deductible?

Yes! The amount you pay for your brick, along with any “Extras” or additional donation amount you add is tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt for purchasing your brick immediately from Bricks R Us, in addition to an End of Year receipt from The Magdalen House.

6. How long do I have to purchase a brick?

Bricks are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The amount of bricks we will be able to sell is limited to the amount that will fill the wall, which is roughly 550 “Standard” bricks per side. We recommend purchasing your brick as early as possible, as we are not able to say how quickly bricks will sell.

7. Will you offer bricks again in the future?

It’s possible! However, we cannot guarantee that bricks will be offered again in the future for this specific location on the Wall of Hope.

8. Are you moving the brick wall from Redwood?

As much as we’d love to take the current wall with us to our new location on Gaston Avenue, it just isn’t physically feasible. We created this brick campaign with that wall in mind, and our hope is that this new wall will be a new version of an old tradition.

9. Where will women sign their names at the new house?

We don’t really know what will happen at the new house, but we believe there is beauty to be found in that. The tradition of signing your name on the wall with chalk was one that started organically at our current home. We are excited to see what new traditions are born upon moving into our new home!

10. What about women that can’t afford a brick right now?

We want to ensure as many alcoholic women who want bricks are afforded the opportunity on the Wall of Hope. If you would like to anonymously sponsor a brick, please select the “Sponsor A Brick” option when purchasing, and indicate within the brick text that you are donating this brick back to The Magdalen House. The recipient of the sponsored brick will customize her own text.

If you an alcoholic woman who can’t afford a brick right now, please contact us at

How to Order

All orders are placed online with the option to pay by Credit Card or Mail a Check.

  1. Go to the online order form here:
  2. Scroll down to Your Contact Information and fill out all the required fields
  3. Select your brick size (you may only purchase one brick at a time)
    Please see question 4 above for distinguishing “In Recovery” or “Advocate”
  4. Select any Extras
  5. If you’d like to donate additional funds to our Capital Campaign, you may fill in an amount of your choice
  6. If your Donation Total looks correct (the price of the brick you selected, plus any extras) click “Continue”
  7. Preview Your Custom Engraving as many times as you’d like by clicking the black “Preview Brick”
  8. Once you are happy with your custom brick, click the green “Continue” button
  9. Select your payment option: Credit Card or Check by Mail
  10. Fill in the required info and click the “Place Order” button.

After placing your order, you will be directed to a Thank You page that has your order summary on it. This will also be emailed to you from Bricks R Us with the subject, “Online Donation to The Magdalen House.”

If you need help placing your online order, please call us at 214.764.0793 and we are happy to help!

Have more questions that aren’t answered here? Let us know!