At The Magdalen House we have three programs that address the need for no-cost, women-only social detox services in the Dallas Area:

  • Social Detox Program-Our Social Detox Program is our cornerstone program and addresses the needs of both detox from alcohol and hope of recovery. Without our Social Detox services, our Peer Recovery Program and Community Outreach Program would not exist because there would be no recovered women to help the next suffering alcoholic. The Social Detox Program is 14 days and serves as a non-clinical, mutual help approach to the problem of alcohol dependency. This supportive, educational setting is grounded in the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. We collaborate with the local community of recovered women to provide four solution-focused meetings daily. By providing a safe and supportive environment to study and practice these spiritual principles, The Magdalen House sets the foundation for a life liberated from the stronghold of alcoholism. We are dedicated to living our lives happy, joyous, and FREE!
  • Peer Recovery Program-Our Peer Recovery Program is based on one simple philosophy: when one person helps another, they help themselves in the process. Studies show1 that actively helping others get and stay sober is directly related to one’s own success in immunity from drinking. Our Peer Recovery Program exists to support the practice of one alcoholic helping another alcoholic. That being said, our Social Detox alumnae are strongly encouraged to participate in our Peer Recovery Program as soon as they complete their two-week stay. What makes our Peer Recovery Program unique is that we also welcome all alcoholic women in recovery to utilize our program to intensively work with others and improve their quality of recovery.
  • Community Outreach Program-The Magdalen House has over 120 collaborative partners both in and outside the recover community. We are dedicated to engaging all possible resources to enhance our efficacy in the treatment of alcoholism and believe that cross-education amongst non-profit agencies is imperative in order to address the needs of Dallas at large.

For more information on the programs here at The Magdalen House, please call 214-324-9261 or click here

1 Case Western Reserve University. “Helping others helps alcoholics stay on the road to recovery.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 29 January 2011. <>.