My name is Judy Cogan and I am honored to be a member of The Magdalen House Family Support Group.  Our spiritual principle this month is LOVE.  By working the 12 Steps, each member of our group has grown to understand the true meaning of love.  We often think of love as an emotion, but that is a limited understanding.  To love someone is to honor a person and to treat them with respect and kindness even when the conditions don’t seem to warrant it. Love is unconditional and endures under all circumstances.  Characteristics of love are:  patience, kindness, courtesy, humility, forgiveness, generosity and honesty. These are habits that each of us try to put into practice in our daily lives.  We demonstrate this at our meetings by giving of our time and attention to the new family member.  We try to listen attentively, gently make suggestions and offer our continued support in the coming days and weeks.  It is a privilege for each of us to be of service to others through the Family Support Group and we are also blessed with love by all those affiliated with this vital organization.