To the selfless and loving volunteers of The Magdalen House– THANK YOU.

We would not be the thriving recovery community of alcoholic women without you. You help us keep our doors open… and so much more!

The value that you as volunteers give to our agency is a without a doubt a vital element that allows The Magdalen House to provide FREE services for alcoholic women and their families. Did you know ONE volunteer hour saves us $24.69?! That means for every 40 hours you volunteer, the value you create for our organization equals the amount donors give to pay for one woman’s two-week stay through the Social Detox Program. You are literally paying it forward.

There is nothing more inspiring to us than you. Every day we have the opportunity to witness your generosity, hope and spirit. You help us to learn how to expect nothing and appreciate everything on a day-to-day basis. YOU set the example for the women staying with us by demonstrating a life of happiness, freedom and service.

Every warm welcome, gentle word, loving embrace and humble act of service by you is noticed and appreciated. Without you we are nothing and with you we can reach so many!

Thank you so much to all the women who continue to serve our community with love and support. We are who we are because of women like you! Happy Volunteer Appreciation week. See you all soon!

With all our Love,

The Magdalen House

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