Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Whether it’s daily tasks or helping to bring The Magdalen House to its new address, volunteers are the reason we are able to create such a fantastic recovery community for alcoholic women. You are the ones who help bring the heart to The Magdalen House with your inspirational passion for giving. Coming from all over the country with a variety of backgrounds and stories, your choice to be of service to Maggie’s is something that we will never be able to thank you for enough.

Each of the 12,914 hours that the volunteers spent serving helped to keep The Magdalen House running. Did you know that each volunteer hour is valued at $28.54? This means that every hour that the volunteers spent cleaning, chairing meetings, and staying overnight amounted to $368,565.56.

These precious hours sustain our budget and allow us to put more financial donations directly towards the programs that save alcoholic women’s lives.

Thank you for restoring hope in the women of our community and making The Magdalen House a special place. There will never be enough words to express the gratitude we feel for your kindness. Thank you to all the women who come through our doors, inspire us, and make what we do possible. You are the ones who let The Magdalen House save lives.

A special thanks to these groups that went the extra mile to help Maggie’s during the unique year that 2020 presented:

Thank you to the Overnight Volunteers who stayed with clients during the pandemic and ice storm. Your dedication shines and helps keep our services uninterrupted.

Thank you to all the moving volunteers who helped us transition from our Redwood Circle address to the new home at 4513 Gaston Avenue. Boxes weren’t the only thing you moved into the new home. You also brought the love and spirit that makes Maggie’s special.

Thank you to Family Support and Meeting Chairs for bringing a smooth transition to virtual sessions. Your flexibility is what kept our programs going.

Thank you to the Maggie’s Women’s Group Cookbook Committee. Bringing over $5,000 to Maggie’s while running the entire fundraiser virtually is a brilliant accomplishment.

Thank you to the 119 volunteers that return year after year. A total of 8,951 volunteer hours were contributed by Social Detox alumna and Next Step participants.

Also, thank you to the Trader Joe’s Volunteers. You allow us to continue providing much needed food to the women in our recovery community.

We look forward to being able to see each of you again in person! We will be providing updates on in-person volunteer opportunities over the next couple of months. We can’t wait for your hugs and laughter to bring more magic to the House.


We are so very grateful for volunteers who donate their time to The Magdalen House. Did you know ONE volunteer hour saves us $29.95?! That means for every 40 hours an individual volunteers, the value created for our organization equals the amount donors give to pay for one woman’s two-week stay through the First Step Program. You are literally paying it forward.

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