The Magdalen House Overnight Volunteers are an essential part of our organization, and we truly would not be the same without them. These incredible volunteers are here 365 days a year to help keep the women safe and on schedule every night. And when it’s their night to stay in our Social Detox office, they spend 16 hours serving at The Magdalen House in a single shift!

During their shift, Overnight Volunteers are responsible for admissions, nightly routines, evening and morning meditation, answering the phone, maintaining the security of the House at night, and providing love and understanding to the women. These women are rockstars and those who can have continued to help throughout the pandemic. We are tremendously grateful for each and every one of our overnight volunteers. Because of them, we can continue providing free services to alcoholic women.

So far, in 2020, we’ve had 29 overnight volunteers! Thank you to every one of these women:

  • Taylor Baker (who is now on staff)
  • Regina Burns
  • Jessica Carpenter
  • Margo Cummings
  • Mary Kate English
  • Kristi Hall
  • Bridget Johns
  • Michelle Killian
  • Lisa Kondikoff
  • Betty LaFour
  • Lee Libby
  • Sandra Looney
  • Gail Manley
  • Tiffani Mauldin
  • Lynne Miner
  • Laney Morgan
  • Patrice Olootu
  • Vicki Page
  • Delaney Peel
  • Carolyn Ross
  • Tammie Rutledge
  • Criselda Sanchez
  • Mary Schaeffer
  • Tristin Sechrist
  • Sherryl Viars
  • Patty Watson
  • Prudence Willis
  • Peggy Woolf

And thank you to the COUNTLESS Overnight Volunteers that have served Maggie’s in the last 33 years!

Our 2020 Overnight Volunteers have donated a total of:

2,594 hours. That’s a value of $65,965.42. That means this group has contributed the equivalent of putting 44 women through Social Detox!

You won’t find Overnight Volunteers without:

Here at The Magdalen House, you won’t find volunteers here without compassion, noticeable gratitude, who want to give back to the clients, and towards Maggie’s, and of course, it’s all done with a big smile and a heart full of love.

Our favorite thing about Overnight Volunteers:

Their willingness to help. Some of our overnight volunteers have been helping us consistently for years. They are always available and eager to help. Another favorite thing to see from our overnights is their continued growth: seeing the program come alive for the ladies. They get to be apart of something so much bigger than themselves; they get to be of service and get to be apart of new clients’ recovery.

Maggie’s wouldn’t be the same without Overnight Volunteers because:

“We are nothing without our volunteers.”

We repeat this frequently. And you know what? It wouldn’t get used so often if it wasn’t 100% true.