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Brick Campaign

If you’ve seen The Other Side video, you might remember some of the women talking about what “the wall” means to them.  The Wall of Hope Brick Campaign is a way for us to memorialize a long-standing tradition of Maggie’s girls signing their names on the brick wall that lives in our backyard.

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When we relocate in early 2021, women walking towards the Meditation Garden will see names and messages from supporters of The Magdalen House – people who are saying, “We support you.” Once inside the Garden, they will see names and words from their sisters in recovery – women who are saying, “We are with you. Recovery is possible.”

Both sides of the Wall of Hope are a representation of the community that helps alcoholic women find The Other Side of alcoholism.


Next Step

Officially launching later this year, Next Step has had six graduates complete the three-phase program, the first of which was Betty LaFour, pictured here, commemorating the milestone by adding a flower to the Maggie’s Tree of Life.

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Just launched last week, our episodes feature alcoholic women who have found a solution to their alcoholism in series that include Interview With a Recovered Drunk, Big Book Workshops, and more! Whether you’re in recovery, or just seeking to learn more – we invite you to listen!

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4513 Gaston Ave.

So much progress has been made on the inside of the house as we prepare to install drywall. The outside of the house is being restored to its beautiful, original design and painting has officially begun. The rooms continue to come to life, and with the help of our designer Christian Walker, we are creating a space that will give alcoholic women the dignified space they deserve, while paying tribute to our roots and traditions.

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Equity and Inclusion

Since sharing four action items in our post, Addressing Racism: Where We Stand and What We’re Doing, we have created an Equity and Inclusion Task Force. This task force is comprised of two staff members – Ainsley Chapman and Nina Herndon – two Board members – Kay Colbert and Tina Shuey – and two members from our Inclusion Project – Deni Snyder and Patrice Olootu – who will develop and implement a strategy and tactical action plan to ensure that the initiatives are carried out before the end of 2020.

Partner Spotlight: Legacy Family Court

“My kids have always been my number one priority, but I just couldn’t stop drinking. Since being in Legacy Court and The Magdalen House Next Step program, I have learned more about myself and how to see things in a different way. Now that I am sober, I am able to show up for my kids and be more interactive in their lives. I’m able to show them affection and do things for them I wasn’t able to do while I was drinking.”⁠ – Latonya Tutton, Next Step Graduate and Legacy Family Court Participant

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