Today we are celebrating Kristi Hall, Program Coordinator, who helps with both our Social Detox and Next Step programs.

Kristi joined our team in August of this year, after graduating from The Next Step in May. Kristi, we are so grateful for your passion, your willingness to jump in and help, and your eagerness to learn and grow!

How did The Magdalen House become part of your life?

I found Maggie’s in 2016 after a suicide attempt involving vodka and sleeping pills. I had given up on life and myself. I felt like a “waste of space.” I was told that The Magdalen House was where I would find God again.

I would go through The Magdalen House five times in total. Each time I think I learned more about myself and the disease of alcoholism, but I wasn’t ready to surrender everything until the last time in February 2020. I left the House, and within hours I found out that my ex had committed suicide due to alcohol and drugs. I literally felt my soul surrender at that moment. I gave it all to God right then and there. I had my spiritual experience.

I immediately enrolled in The Next Step and took direction from my sponsor and my Next Step Mentors from that moment on. Completing the Social Detox program and graduating from The Next Step has saved my life! The programs at Maggie’s have given me the tools to live my life every day free from alcohol and in the light of the Spirit!

I feel more than grateful to be able to work for the Magdalen House both in Social Detox, where the women start their journey and in Next Step, where they grow and continue their journey towards freedom and serenity.

The Magdalen House is a place where God lives, and to be a part of something so big – so life-changing for so many women – is a blessing that I can’t explain.

What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

Being able to walk shoulder to shoulder with my sisters in the sunlight of the Spirit.

What would you tell the woman who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

Trust in God, take direction, and know your TRUTH!

What is your life like today?

Today I love my life. I have sisters in the fellowship, friends who love me (and I love them!), real connections with my family, and women that I help. I even have a job that revolves around recovery! I couldn’t have ever imagined all this! I’ll never stop giving back what has so freely been given to me.

Today, I am no longer a “waste of space.” Recovery, the program, and The Magdalen House have given me PURPOSE.

About Kristi Hall, Program Coordinator

Kristi Hall is originally from Ventura, CA, but she moved to Texas in 2016 to be closer to her family, which would ultimately lead her to The Magdalen House. Kristi is a Maggie’s Social Detox alumna and Next Step graduate, and as a recovered alcoholic, she is passionate about giving back to the very community that saved her life.

When Kristi completed the Social Detox program in 2020, she knew that if she continued down that old familiar path, she would die. Having completed the Social Detox program before, this time she knew that she needed to “stay close to Maggie’s.” Within days, she signed up for The Next Step program and actively participated in every opportunity she was given. For the first time, she learned how to use the tools she had been taught while staying in the House and apply them to her real life. “The Magdalen House has given me the education and understanding of my disease and helped me reconnect with my God. I want to help as many women as possible to have the same chance The Magdalen House has so freely given me.”