Lauren made her way to The Magdalen House through our Social Detox Program for the first time in May of 2013. She would return a second and last time in December of 2013. This time she was desperate and willing to do the work. She knew that she was going to die from this illness, so she came back to the place where she knew she would find the solution.

Lauren has been active at Maggie’s since the day she completed the program in 2014.  Even though a brief relapse changed her sobriety date to May 2, 2015, she NEVER gave up hope and or faith that this program works. By turning her past into her greatest asset; she personifies the fact that we can recover.

After many years of volunteering, she joined the Magdalen House staff in 2017- we are fortunate to have her as part of our team today.

Lauren, we are grateful for your passion, your story, and the hope you give to so many women and their families!  HAPPY FIVE YEARS!

What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

Freedom! I don’t need a bodyguard – I can go anywhere, do anything – even if alcohol is present! No one has to change their behavior or cancel their happy hours because of me – GOD has restored my sanity and I don’t fear temptation.

What would you tell the woman who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

Life isn’t perfect. Recovery isn’t perfect. No one is perfect. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes – mistakes cannot and will not make you relapse. I thought that somehow, someday I would “graduate” into a worry-free, mistake-free life and I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. Life has its obstacles and I am not immune to that just because I’m sober, BUT I have spiritual tools to help me transform problems into growth!

What is your life like today?

Today I get to be a sister, a friend, a puppy-mom and a daughter. I get to live out loud and not be afraid to let people know that I am sober and a recovered alcoholic and this is all because I actively participate in a 12-Step program. My sister got married in January and I got to celebrate her – I was there for every moment, decision, dance, toast, party. I got to host her bachelorette party weekend in Orange Beach, Alabama – can I get a ROLL TIDE (#hannahbfans)?!! My brother is getting married in early fall in California and I will get to be by his side as well. When I was drinking, I didn’t get to experience the joys of everyday life and now I get to. There are good days and there are bad days, but regardless, what I know to be true is that helping another alcoholic saves the day.

About Lauren McElroy

Lauren graduated from Texas Christian University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Communication Studies. She brings nearly a decade of experience in marketing, events, strategic communications and fundraising, and is looking forward to growing within these fields.

Lauren began volunteering at The Magdalen House in 2013 after completing the Social Detox Program and is extremely passionate about helping other women find freedom from alcoholism and permanent recovery. Lauren served as Chair of Maggie’s Women’s Group from 2016-2018, advocating for the mission of The Magdalen House. Lauren calls “Maggie’s” home and is grateful to help provide the same free services that saved her own life to more alcoholic women in need.