We first came to know Elizabeth through her mother, Vicki –a Social Detox alumna, Next Step graduate, and volunteer in Maggie’s community.

“I was told by many women how special The Magdalen House was and was finally able to experience the magic when I attended my first meeting here soon after moving back to Dallas, pre-COVID. The focus on the solution, the camaraderie, the presence of God in this building and these women, and the devotion to the Big Book. It was like finding water in a desert – something that I believe all women need coming into this new way of life. All of this on top of the fact that services are FREE to women- just makes my heart so full.”

– Elizabeth Page

Elizabeth celebrated three years of recovery on July 13, 2020. Elizabeth, we are so grateful for your love and kind spirit!

What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

The biggest gift of my recovery is purpose and peace of mind. Today through God’s grace, I experience true joy, serenity, and gratitude – all things that were so entirely out of reach while I was drinking. God continues to place women in my life that I get to show a way out. I know there is a lot of fixation on the 9th step promise, but the 10th step promises are my most valued possession. It feels like for 27 years, I was completely asleep – and God was able to wake me up – hence, “the spiritual awakening.”

What would you tell the woman who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

To the woman who is newly sober or trying to get sober – you are NOT alone. If you’re willing to put in the work, your life will be transformed. Miracles will happen, and all of the promises will come true in your life. To say it gets better is the understatement of a lifetime. It’s something that has to be experienced to fully comprehend, and if you just continue on the path, you will experience it for yourself.

What is your life like today?

Today my life is a dream that I would never have been able to conjure up for myself – God’s direction has completely rerouted everything I thought I ever wanted for myself and THANK GOD. Every relationship in my life has been restored, and I get to be a part of my family again. I have real friendships, sponsees, and a connection to the universe and God’s purpose for me here. The obsession to drink has been removed (I literally never thought that would be possible). I have compassion and love for others. I get to wake up each morning and thank the God of my understanding for keeping me sober and enlightening my life through His grace and mercy. I get to laugh, cry, and enjoy life on life’s terms, and despite what the world throws my way, I can handle it with dignity.

About Elizabeth Page, Program Coordinator

Elizabeth came to The Magdalen House after getting sober in Louisiana in 2017 and moving back to her hometown of Dallas in early 2020. She fell in love with Maggie’s long before her move when she first attended the open women’s meetings with her mom, a Maggie’s alumna. Elizabeth wholeheartedly believes in the solution-based program that continues to help countless women and the miracles that happen regularly in The Magdalen House.

She is overwhelmed with gratitude to have found her new home with The Magdalen House while also being relocated back with her family members and new nephew who all live here in Dallas.