We had the pleasure of meeting Taylor in June of 2018 when she came through our doors with bright pink hair and a bright smile. Within a matter of days after completing the Social Detox Program, she was back at Maggie’s volunteering around the house.

She began returning to the house to attend meetings, help newly sober women, and quickly become an Overnight Volunteer, filling in as often as possible. Her bright smile became familiar at Maggie’s so much so, that she racked up 116.5 hours and we recognized her as one of our Top 25 Volunteers of 2019.

Earlier this year, Taylor joined our team as a Social Detox Coordinator, and while her hair isn’t as bright as it was when we first met her, her smile has only gotten bigger and brighter!

Taylor, we are so grateful for your bright and shining spirit and your love. Happy two years!

What has been the biggest gift to you in your recovery?

The most significant gift I have received would be that feeling of contempt vanishing and no longer feeling hopeless. I have a sense of gratitude knowing that every step along my journey mattered, even if I had to go through hell to know the way out. To be able to help the next alcoholic. Comprehending the word serenity, to me, that’s sanity. Knowing that no one can take that from me unless I give it to them. It is such a gift no longer looking for peace in people, places, or things. That peace comes from within. And amid all the chaos, I know that nothing is happening to me, it’s just happening. Today I no longer fear life; I embrace it. I’m alive and want to be. 😊

What would you tell the woman who is newly sober, or still trying to get sober?

I would tell them about my experience. Don’t believe the lies you tell yourself. We are not bad people; we are just sick. My sponsor always tells me, “Don’t shame yourself! Instead of saying I ‘should’ have done this or that replace it with, I ‘want’ to do this or go to that meeting.” It is about progress, not perfection. I would remind them that some days are rainbows and your favorite songs, but that also some days are just okay. But that’s okay because we have the ability to restart our day as many times as we need, and our perspective changes our destination. If we don’t like the way something looks, we can remove ourselves from any situation. Hold on; pain ends. (HOPE)

What is your life like today?

My life today: I am free. Free from obsession. Free from fear. Free from pain. Knowing that my higher power has my back no matter what. Working at a place that saved my life, it’s such a surreal, dream job. I get to reach that hand back down like someone reached down to me. There are no words to describe that adequately.

When people tell me I’m like a completely different person, I tell them – I’m still the same person that walked through those doors broken, beaten, and contempt. But today I have a choice.  And with that choice I choose Life. I choose Joy. I choose Freedom.

About Taylor Baker, Social Detox Coordinator

Taylor came to The Magdalen House in June 2018, completed the Social Detox Program, and moved into a sober living where she continued to stay connected to Maggie’s. She began volunteering as an overnight volunteer at “the little house that saved her life,” which quickly became the highlight of her week. She has been in the service industry for 15 years, and she lives her recovery out loud.

Taylor says that she wouldn’t have known there was another way out without people doing the same in her life. She is so grateful and excited to join The Magdalen House mission, providing other alcoholic women with the same love and care that she found in 2018.