❝I’m in awe. I remember a year ago making a phone call out of desperation. Walking into a place I’d heard about but didn’t know about. I was broken. I was in a nightmarish spiral of confusion and fear. I wanted the nightmare to end. I didn’t know how to wake up. I didn’t want to die but I didn’t know how to live.

I walked into a life of recovery. I began a healing process. I’m not special. I met my tribe. I met countless women who knew the nightmare I was living. Through their example. My willingness to accept what I didn’t want to admit. Placing my life in the hands of something greater than myself brought me to where I am today. My way had failed. I couldn’t. My God could. I decided to let him.

Thank you to the multiple women that touched my life that day and every day afterward. The women who I not only call friends but sisters. Thank you to Sandra Looney for taking my hand and helping me to remember to “plug in.” Thank you to The Magdalen House for teaching me the most important steps that created a firm foundation that allowed me to stand strong.

I’m in awe over so many things. A year seems like a lifetime but it’s just the beginning. There is life most abundant with recovery. Sobriety is just an extra bonus.❞

– Tammie Rutledge
July 2019 Social Detox Alumna

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