1 in 11 adult women in the United States suffers from alcoholism.

The Serenity Circle brings men and women together to help alcoholic women find hope, healing, and recovery from alcoholism.

Join the Serenity Circle

The Serenity Circle is comprised of men and women dedicated to shattering the stigma surrounding alcoholism by raising awareness within the Dallas-Fort Worth community about the life-saving services The Magdalen House provides to alcoholic women and their families. Through education, volunteerism, fundraising, and awareness, members of the Serenity Circle serve as ambassadors in the community to make our mission accessible and vision possible at no cost to alcoholic women and their families.

We believe that education about alcoholism, recovery, and The Magdalen House programs and services is critical to helping more alcoholic women and their families recover.

In-home Education
Members can host small gatherings in their homes with a representative from The Magdalen House. Hosts invite their friends and neighbors for important education and discussion topics such as “What is alcoholism?” Topics can be geared towards the age of the attendees.

Office Education
Members can invite The Magdalen House into their workplace. A representative of The Magdalen House will present “Women and Alcoholism” – a high-level education seminar about the disease of alcoholism and how The Magdalen House supports alcoholic women in North Texas and beyond.

School Groups
Teens can advocate for The Magdalen House within their schools via a task force or The Magdalen House Club.

We believe that when an individual invests in an alcoholic woman, they help her family, her place of employment, and the Dallas-Fort Worth community as a whole.

Members can choose to serve on committees responsible for executing annual tennis, Mahjong, and concert events with the support of staff to raise funds that benefit The Magdalen House.

Host a Fundraiser
Examples include: Facebook fundraiser, lemonade stand, donate your birthday, local giveback night, etc.

Host a Donation Drive
Provide some of our most needed items by hosting a drive. Items include paper goods, hygiene products, bottled water, Gatorade, candy, coffee, etc.

We believe that by being of service and volunteering at The Magdalen House, an individual improves the quality of life of our participants, alumnae, and community as well as their own.

Meals at Maggie’s
Come up to The Magdalen House and help prepare a meal for the clients in the house. You may bring your own ingredients, or you may cook what the house has set out for dinner.

Staff Appreciation
Throughout the year, members celebrate the staff at The Magdalen House through the coordination and delivery of treat baskets to show support and gratitude for the employees’ commitment and dedication.

Special Volunteer Assignments
Be as involved as your schedule allows! As needs arise, committee chairs will reach out to the membership for special projects, including specific volunteer roles at events, event-day logistical needs, help with mailings, stuffing envelopes, etc.


A Partner Membership donation covers the cost of a Serenity Circle membership for an entire year.


A Patron Membership donation covers the cost of a Serenity Circle membership for an entire year and includes a $50 donation.


A Lifetime Membership donation ensures your Serenity Circle membership for a lifetime.