The Magdalen House will be relocating to 4513 Gaston Avenue in just a few months! Can you believe it?! Years of careful planning and diligent construction have led us to one of the most anticipated milestones in the history of The Magdalen House and we couldn’t be more excited.

Artwork: “Maggie’s New House” Jenny Grumbles

Linens, Beds, Décor, and More

As we enter into the home stretch and prepare to move, we need your help to add the final touches that will turn a house into a home. Our registry has something for every budget, with items starting at $2.99 and includes linens, kitchen accessories, beds, rugs, décor, and more.

The Magdalen House Registry

Our team has worked diligently for months to determine the highest quality items based on our clients’ expected needs in our new space. In an effort to ensure that these gifts can be used for years to come, we kindly ask that only items listed on our registry are purchased. We also ask that you only purchase through our registry link so we can accurately track what is has been bought. All items purchased from the registry list can be shipped to the following address to ensure a smooth and timely transition from our current home:

The Magdalen House
Attn: Kate Dorff
1302 Redwood Circle
Dallas, Texas 75218

For questions, please email or call 214.764.0793 ext. 200

YOU are saving lives through your consistent and steadfast assistance and we can’t wait to share this beautiful new space with our entire community of supporters.

Thank you!