Birthday Night

Whether you’re celebrating one month or ten years, we’d love for you to join us at our monthly Birthday Night to celebrate your recovery! 🧁 🥳 🎈 Friends and family are welcome!

👋 Join the Zoom meeting by 7:00 pm…feel free to come 10 minutes early to fellowship
🤫 Please mute yourself when the meeting begins and stay on mute unless it is your turn to speak
💛 Family and friends are invited

  • For Women in Recovery: Please request membership into Maggie’s Women’s Group. The video link and dial-in information will be available there.
  • For Families and Friends: Please request the information from your loved one, or from a volunteer in Family Support.

✨Look for the upcoming month’s “Birthday Night” post in Maggie’s Women’s Group to add your name to the list
✨When the chairperson calls your name, you will have 2 minutes to share if you would like to speak
✨Only one chip, per person and you cannot “pick-up” for someone else


More Info

Families and Friends, we invite you to attend our Family Support Group Wednesdays at 6:30pm. More info here: magdalenhouse.org/family

Women in recovery, view our full schedule of meetings here: magdalenhouse.org/meetings

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