“I look forward to heightening awareness of Family Support to our new Gaston neighbors, such as hospitals, nonprofits, sober living homes, treatment centers, etc., and continue to encourage family members to join us at our weekly meetings.”
– Diane Brooks, Board Liaison for our Family Support Group

4513 Gaston Avenue – October Highlights

  • Exterior: The original front door has been re-installed.
  • Interior: Tile, doors, and trim work are coming along beautifully!
  • ADA Compliant: Elevator, sinks, and more!
  • D Magazine: Steve Van Amburgh and the KDC team, led by Hector Patino and Walt Mountford, have dedicated hundreds of hours to The Magdalen House’s new home on Gaston Avenue. Read more

October Progress

The original front door has returned to its rightful place set perfectly in the middle of our front porch. The lead-trimmed glasswork in and around the door is being restored to its historic state, and will be installed in the following months. Next up, the construction team will begin working on the back-parking area, driveway, and fencing, as weather permits.

Inside, the tile in the bathrooms is almost complete and features creamy white hexagon and subway tile on the floors and shower walls complemented by a light silvery gray grout. The interior trim has been installed, creating a beautiful depth to each room. A frame trim surrounds each window and door, adding to the rooms’ character, while coffered ceilings elevate the entryway, Social Detox Intake Office, and Family Visitation Room.

Another milestone completed this month is the installation of the elevator. We are so excited that our new home will be ADA compliant, allowing us to better serve alcoholic women with mobility impairments. Located between the dining room and community space, the elevator will help transport women from the second floor dorm rooms (and an ADA compliant dorm bathroom) to the first floor to participate in meetings, read in the study, or help prepare dinner in the kitchen (which is also fitted with an ADA compliant sink).

Next month, we’ll be featuring photos of painted walls and kitchen countertops – you won’t want to miss it!

More Info

If you are interested in seeing the new space, have any questions about the renovation, or would like additional information on construction progress, please contact Kate Richter at kate@magdalenhouse.org or Kate Dorff at katedorff@magdalenhouse.org.

For real-time updates on our fundraising goals, FAQs, and construction progress, please visit magdalenhouse.org/newhome.

October Snapshots

Looking more beautiful with every day that passes.

Left: Details of the doorway trim.
Right: Coffered ceilings in the Family Visitation Room.

Beautifully restored fireplaces throughout the home.

Downstairs elevator location: Between the dining room and community space.
Upstairs elevator location: In the hallway between the Social Detox dorms.

A closeup of kitchen cabinets.

In the upstairs Admin Office.

The hardwood floors still in the process of being repaired and restored.


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