Last month, we announced our Next Step program, a supportive, educational, no-cost alternative to clinical out-patient treatment. Sherryl V. is a Social Detox Alumna who enrolled in our very first Next Step beta group, back in November 2019. She wrote this blog in January 2020 and graduated shortly after in February. We are honored to share her story. Special thanks to Sherryl for sharing her story.

A New, Sober World

The Magdalen House was my first adventure into a recovery program. I didn’t know what to expect or what the experience would hold, but I don’t think I could have guessed how nurturing, supportive, and life-altering the experience would be. It helped to point my life in a new, and welcomed, sober trajectory.

That is why leaving The Magdalen House Social Detox program after two weeks felt weighted and heavy…even mournful. I knew that my progress was encouraged and cheered on by the sisters in the House. We marched to a common goal. We shared triumphs and sorrow. No sin was too sinful – no admission to be scoffed at or admonished. What would happen without their support?

Finding Direction

Then, I heard about The Next Step program, which was in development or “beta phase.” “Beta” is code for not perfect yet, but I knew it was perfect for me.

Similar to Social Detox, miracles happen in Next Step, too. There is a supportive, emotional bond between sisters, a methodology to share measured accountabilities, and a plan to grow through demonstrated involvement in phases 1-3.

What is are the phases? Learn more in The Next Step – Frequently Asked Questions

Working Towards Spiritual Progress

Through The Next Step, I’ve experienced volunteer opportunities that have pushed me and made me more open and loving, and developed friendships that I can count on – all the while working towards spiritual progress.

I am so grateful for this program. The Next Step is my map from leaving The Magdalen House to what’s next in all phases of life…just one step at a time and then the next. Who knows where this road will take me, but I am on the road with loving guides and people who are my sisters.


The purpose of the Next Step Program is to provide structure and education on foundational tools to any woman seeking to sustain and grow in her recovery from alcoholism. If that is what you’re looking for, we’re here to help