I first came to learn about The Magdalen House through a 12-Step program I am in. I was looking for a way to be of service to other women in recovery.

I attended their volunteer orientation & also a few of their meetings. When I first came into the program I went to my first speaker meeting. At the time I was very shaky & unsure of what the program could do for me or if I should even be there. I heard a woman speak who’s story filled me with hope for a sober future. Unfortunately, at the time, I was too shy to speak to her & didn’t see her again for many months. After moving forward with the program I attended a meeting at a different group & saw her in the rooms. Into about a year of sobriety I asked her to be my sponsor.  She just happened to be very involved with The Magdalen House & encouraged me to help the women there as well.

A few years later she asked me to assist with Maggie’s annual fundraiser. I accepted the service position with honor and became the Solicitations Chair.

We had such a great group for that event & worked together well that I was later asked to be on the Board of Directors. I currently am still the Solicitations Chair for our next upcoming event.

-Michelle Hope, Board of Directors