Meet Renee Battaile: Volunteer of the Month

by | Oct 5, 2023 | #Gratitude, Community, Service, Volunteer

Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Renee Battaile!

“Renee is dedicated to service and always willing to help The Magdalen House. I know she has recently been a rock star picking up overnight shifts when we have been in need. Anytime we have asked for her help, it’s always a “yes, for sure” with a big smile on her face! I don’t believe the word no is in her vocabulary. Our volunteers are vital to programming – without volunteers like Renee, we would not be in a position to help those struggling with alcoholism.”

– Ashleigh Castleberry, First Step Coordinator

Renee + The Magdalen House =????

Volunteer Manager, Kelly Williams, sat down with Renee to learn a little bit about how she first got involved at Maggie’s and what service means to her. Here’s what she had to say:

Kelly: What does Gratitude in Action mean to you?

Renee: To wake up every morning with a teachable spirit and an open heart filled with thoughts of wonder for what God’s got in store for me today. The Magdalen House and the staff saved my life. My gratitude is full of sunshine and blessing every day. To see others that come through the house is a big MUST in my life today.

K:What was the first thing you did as a volunteer and how has volunteering evolved for you?

R: Honestly I don’t remember what my first action of volunteering was. (we were able to take a look at Renee’s volunteer history and her first shift actually took place on Christmas Day as a volunteer during our holiday celebration for First Step clients. What a great way to start giving back! Since then, Renee continues to help out at events but also is a regular Overnight Volunteer and fills in wherever she is needed.)

K: How has volunteering impacted your quality of life?R: I have an overwhelming of feeling gratitude and belonging. My life has evolved in so many upward avenues and I get to give back what was SO freely given to me. I have a new life, and outlook on the How and Why, and I get to seek my truth within and pay it forward to the next woman.

K: What have been the most inspiring experiences you’ve had as a volunteer at Maggie’s?

R: Overnight Volunteering is always an inspiring joy – to see when the women first come in and watch them coming back for meetings and being involved. Their eyes and hearts become brighter and that is always inspiring.

Renee’s Volunteer Impact:

Since she began volunteering in December of 2022, Renee has donated 607 hours of her time to The Magdalen House. This is valued at $19,302.60 for our organization, which means that Renee has helped to send almost TEN women through our First Step program! Thank you, Renee!