“The Magdalen House saved my life a little over five years ago and I have stayed close ever since! In part from a place of gratitude and in part because women who need help will always be at Maggie’s.”

– Callahan Hall, Social Detox Alumna in recovery since July 9, 2015

Meet Callahan Hall, who in addition to being a Maggie’s Meeting Chair, also serves as the Co-Chair of Maggie’s Women’s Group, a fellowship group for women in recovery.

Callahan has served a total of more than 445 volunteer hours with The Magdalen House, and we are so grateful to have her as part of our community!

Callahan’s meetings are every other Thursday at 2:30 pm. View Our Meeting Schedule

1. What is your favorite line in the Big Book and why?

“We found that God does not make too hard terms with those who seek Him.” pg. 46

I love the idea that my higher power wants a relationship with me. When I first started working towards recovery, I felt completely unworthy and feared I would be unable to experience a connection.

This phrase was a great reminder that my job is to take the action no matter what I think or feel. As long as I do that, I will know my higher power and be restored.

2. What has been the most significant gift to you in your recovery?

The Internal reconstruction. It was not until my ego was deflated and I understood my own reliance on character defects that I was able to experience true empathy and connect with people.

3. What would you say to women who are new to recovery?

There can be a day where you don’t think about alcohol. I think sometimes our advocacy can be intimidating but at the heart of this is always hope.

4. What is your life like today?

Life is still not easy. I am unemployed and single at thirty but what I have is a design for living that works even in the most trying moments.

5. What are some of your hobbies, or things that you enjoy in your free time?

I love to work out, paint and recently started learning German.

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Whether you’re a woman who is newly sober and wondering where to begin, or you’ve been in recovery for decades and are looking to connect with other women in recovery – we hope you will join us!