Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Jonna Stout!

“Jonna is very involved in the community here at Maggie’s. She’s always willing and ready to do whatever it takes to help make Maggie’s Women’s Group a success and get women involved in the community. Her event planning is *chef’s kiss*!”

– Teresa Hollingsworth, First Step Program Manager

Jonna + The Magdalen House = 💚

Started volunteering:

April 2018

Has donated a total of:

339 hours, which is valued at $10,153 for our organization! This means that Jonna has helped to put 5 women through our First Step program, or 13 women through Next Step!

You can usually find her:

Helping to plan one of our Maggie’s Women’s Group events – anything from our Annual Retreat to our Anniversary Party!

I’ve never seen her without:

A smile on her face!

My favorite thing about her is:

The love and energy that she brings to every gathering. ❤️

The Magdalen House wouldn’t be the same without her because:

Maggie’s Women’s Group contributes to maintaining a sense of community here at The Magdalen House, for any alcoholic woman in the community regardless of whether they are an alumna. We are so grateful for everything they do to help the new woman feel welcome and to drive the point home that recovery is FUN!

Here’s what Hope has to share about volunteering at Maggie’s!

How do you put “Gratitude in Action?”:

“Being allowed to give back what was so freely given to me and watching life return to the eyes of these beautiful women.”

-Jonna Stout


If you’d like to support our mission through volunteering, we’d love to have you!

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