Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Jennifer Conaway!

“Jennifer Conaway’s spirit and attitude are so commendable. She is always willing to help when we ask, and she shows up each volunteer shift with a warm and welcoming smile on her face, no matter what else is going on in her life! ”

-Kate Hearne; Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer + The Magdalen House = 💚

Started volunteering:

December 2019

Has donated a total of:

225 Hours, which is valued at $6,421.50! That’s four women she’s helped put through our Social Detox program!

You can usually find her:

Volunteering at the Front Desk, ready for any extra tasks we may throw her way!

I’ve never seen her without:

A book in hand and a smile on her face!

One time she:

Helped us out last minute when we called and asked her to volunteer for our first in-person Birthday night since the COVID shutdown. She not only showed up early and stayed late, she did it all with a willing and grateful heart.

Our favorite thing about her is:

Her dedication to being of service and the joy she spreads while doing so. Jennifer is always reliable. She shows up when she says she will, and when we need extra volunteers, she always is eager to help!

The Magdalen House wouldn’t be the same without her because:

She is a beautiful example of what God can do when a woman becomes willing and takes the necessary action!


If you’d like to support our mission through volunteering, we’d love to have you!

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