Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Harriet Shaw!

“I met Harriet when I came through the house in 2019. She was chairing the Friday noon meeting and is still chairing that same meeting today. She gives the biggest hugs! Every time I see her she gives me a hug and usually says something so positive like ‘life is good’ or ‘we’re so lucky.’ It’s hard to walk away from Harriet without her bringing a smile to your face first.”

-Carly Sorenson, First Step Coordinator

Harriet + The Magdalen House = 💚

Started volunteering:

Harriet has been a volunteer at The Magdalen House since the beginning, back when we were located at our first house on Lovers Lane!

Has donated a total of:

Harriet has served more volunteer hours than we have on record in her decades of service, however she has volunteered over 936 hours in the past 6 years! This is valued at $28,037 for our organization, meaning Harriet has helped us provide 18 women with our two-week First Step program, or 93 women with our three-month Next Step program, at zero-cost!

Why we chose Harriet:

It is long overdue that we recognized Harriet and all she does for Maggie’s! She is so reliable- chairing the noon Friday meeting every week (and has done for years!) and comes to Happy Hour every Monday (and brings friends!). She’s such an outspoken supporter of our mission in the community too.

You can usually find her:

Chairing the Friday noon meeting, or attending our Monday evening happy hour.

I’ve never seen her without:

A welcoming smile on her face!

One time she:

Stood on top of the table while she was chairing a meeting! This is not an unusual occurrence for Harriet; her meetings are always engaging and educational.

My favorite thing about her is:

The way she lives her life so authentically and shows genuine interest in what others have to say.

The Magdalen House wouldn’t be the same without her because:

She is one of our meeting chairs, who help to teach our First Step clients about the basics of our curriculum. We would not be able to do what we do without dedicated volunteers like Harriet, who show up week after week out of the goodness of their own hearts to be of service to all of the women who walk through our doors.

Here’s what Harriet has to share about volunteering at Maggie’s!

How do you put “Gratitude in Action?”:

“Putting gratitude into action by volunteering here at Maggie’s is as natural for me as breathing in the amazing bounty of God’s love for me. These rooms are filled with some of the most magnificent women I have ever crossed paths with. When I look into the eyes of a newly sobered woman who has come to seek mercy from her disease of alcoholism here at Maggie’s by beginning her journey through the steps of the Big Book, what may have looked like on the surface as volunteering instantaneously becomes a sister reaching out and taking her hand like others did for me. For that I am eternally grateful.”

-Harriet Shaw



If you’d like to support our mission through volunteering, we’d love to have you!

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