Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Diane Gilliam!

“Diane is a gem! She is outgoing, willing, and a light to First Step clients. She was one of our incredibly helpful volunteers during our Leave A Legacy event this past November and is always ready to step up and help wherever needed – often covering meeting chair and overnight spots in a pinch. Recently, she even braved icy roads so that she could overnight, and went above and beyond by cooking a nice, warm meal for the clients. We love Diane and are so glad she’s a part of our community!

Brehn Hanson, Community Program Manager

Diane + The Magdalen House = 💚

Volunteer Manager, Kelly Williams, sat down with Diane to learn a little bit about how she first got involved at Maggie’s and what service means to her. Here’s what she had to say:

Kelly: So happy to get to chat with you about your volunteer and service at Maggie’s. Let’s start with you briefly describing how you first got connected to Maggie’s.

Diane: My employer found Maggie’s for me to come to for my alcoholism in 2021. I went through the First Step program as well as Next Step.

K: What was the first thing you did as a volunteer and how has volunteering evolved for you?

D: I made a home cooked meal to donate for the clients in the house. Now I do little things special for the ladies in the house when I can. I also am an overnight volunteer and chairing meetings regularly.

K: How has volunteering impacted your quality of life?

D: It helps to keep me from being selfish by thinking of others and what I can put back into the world.

K: What have been the most inspiring experiences you’ve had as a volunteer at Maggie’s?

D: Seeing the women come into the house for their first time and learning about the disease of alcoholism. Then seeing them as they realize that they’re not alone in this and there is a solution.

K: How do you put Gratitude in Action?

D: Giving back in the same way that was given to me.

Diane’s Volunteer Impact:
Diane began volunteering with us in November of 2021. She has logged a total of 283 hours since 2021, which is valued at $8480 for our organization! This means that Diane has helped us send 4 women through our First Step program, or 7 women through Next Step!


If you’d like to support our mission through volunteering, we’d love to have you!

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