Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Ashleigh Castleberry!

“Maggie’s is so lucky to have Ashleigh as a part of the community. She is always so willing to step in whenever we have a need, no questions asked. She provides incredible insight to clients, exudes joy, and treats everyone with love and respect. She also has a super cute puppy and we love him!”

– Kelly Williams, Volunteer Program Manager

Ashleigh + The Magdalen House = 💚

Started volunteering:

August 2016

Has donated a total of:

1,520.88 hours which is valued at $45,550.36 for our organization! This means that Ashleigh has helped to put 26 women through our First Step program, or 56 women through Next Step!

You can usually find her:

Ashleigh is one of our Overnight Volunteers, and she frequently steps in to cover during emergencies. When she’s not at Maggie’s, she’s usually surrounded by puppies.

I’ve never seen her without:

Her amazing cowboy boots!

One time she:

Rearranged her entire schedule to cover an overnight shift because we were in need! ❤️

My favorite thing about her is:

The way she connects with clients while she overnights. She has an incredibly calm demeanor that really helps clients in their first 24 hours to feel at ease and safe.

The Magdalen House wouldn’t be the same without her because:

Our women in First Step have staff and volunteers on site with them 24/7, but because of Overnight Volunteers like Ashleigh, we do not require any staff to stay overnight. Ashleigh graciously donates 16 hours of her time for each overnight shift, which hugely impacts our organization and our budget! Not only that, but Ashleigh provides a unique perspective to clients during her shifts and forms meaningful bonds with them, which is so important in early sobriety.

Here’s what Ashleigh has to share about volunteering at Maggie’s!

How do you put “Gratitude in Action?”:

“How can one repay the debt of being shown a solution to their life? By putting gratitude in action- It’s showing up for others in the same manner that those that came before me have done. I know that by being available for the next woman, practicing the principles to the best of my ability and hopefully showing up as how God would have for me, starts to chip at the seemingly unpayable debt.”

– Ashleigh Castleberry


If you’d like to support our mission through volunteering, we’d love to have you!

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