Meet Tina Shuey

Based in McKinney, Texas | In Recovery Since January 5, 2013

“After suffering in silence for years, and also watching both of my brother’s lives be dominated by alcoholism, every day I wake up with a fire in my belly to share the message of hope. There is a definition to alcoholism and there is a solution. I have a purpose now, and that is to use my experience to help another woman.”

Her Favorite Line in the Big Book

“Half measures avail us nothing” – pg. 59

I love this quote because it reminds me that I live with a chronic, progressive disease. I never went halfway to the liquor store! So today, I must work the solution with that same determination. I have access to a simple kit of spiritual tools – and it’s my responsibility to use them like my hair is, literally, on fire.

Saturday Steps Workshop

Saturdays in March at 12:00 pm (CST) | Virtual

For alcoholic women, only. We kindly ask that men and family members not join.

In this weekly workshop series, Tina will help us better understand steps four through nine, using her knowledge and personal experience to break down taking inventory, making amends, and everything in between.


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