We are delighted to announce Sandra Looney as our Maggie’s Volunteer of the Month for the month of October! Not only is Sandra a rockstar volunteer, she’s also an alumna of our Social Detox Program.

 ❝Sandra Looney’s sweet spirit and genuine love for the women in this community has been such a blessing to us. She’s always there when we call and is never afraid to say yes! As one of our most active transportation volunteers, she helps so many women find places to go after Maggie’s. We couldn’t do this without you Sandra! Love you so much!❞  ⁠
– Taylor Stokes, Volunteer Program Coordinator

When Sandra Found Maggie’s

Sandra had tried to get sober on her own before asking her friend for help, but nothing worked. “[I prayed] for God to put a new chip in my head so I could stop drinking. [I took] Ambien in the afternoon so I wouldn’t drink as much and [would] sleep my morning drinking away so I could wake up and drink more. [I tried] to stay busy and [make] commitments that, many times, I didn’t keep due to my drinking.” Finally, at Maggie’s, Sandra found a solution to her alcoholism. For the first time in her life she learned about her disease and instead of trying to stay sober, she received tools that allowed her to experience recovery. “To me, being recovered means that I have been restored to sanity. I was once sober for 18 days. It was not fun. After 18 days I felt that I didn’t have a drinking problem. If I could go for 18 days then surely, I am not and alcoholic. Then the dreaded mental obsession kicked in. So, I drank. I thought I would limit myself to 2 glasses…well, I couldn’t stop at two. My drinking became more progressive.”

Today, she is able to look her husband, children, grandchildren, friends, and other alcoholic women straight in the eye with love, tolerance, patience, and understanding. Her life is full and complete, and she enjoys having real fun with her husband and family now that she is no longer separated from them by her drinking, as she was for many years. She is living her life not for herself, but for others. “I have God’s grace…God is doing for me what I can’t do for myself.”

“I am grateful for Maggie’s. It is a free gift given to me. Free! We had 48 meetings in two weeks. God lives in that house. I know for sure that learning to turn my will to God honestly and completely and the tools that I obtained at Maggie’s saved my life. I have been reborn.”

This is an excerpt from One Woman at a Time: Sandra’s Story, a blog that we shared for 2019 North Texas Giving Day.

About Volunteer of the Month

Each month, one volunteer from The Magdalen House will be selected based on their involvement, punctuality, dependability, and/or stand out behavior. Any active volunteer at Maggie’s will automatically be considered for the Volunteer of the Month recognition! Even if you haven’t been recognized (yet!), please know how much we appreciate YOU. The time and love you give to this House is treasured.

Maggie’s Volunteers

If you’ve been to The Magdalen House, you’ve met a Maggie’s volunteer. We rave about them daily, say thank you over and over again, but they really are the best. From our Board Members and Leave a Legacy Dinner Committees, to Social Detox Alumna and Peer Recovery Participants helping as Overnights and Front Desk Admins, our active, dedicated volunteers are the reason we are able to not only create, but sustain, a recovery community for alcoholic women.

In the first half of 2019, 380 volunteers donated 8,660 hours; 14% of those volunteers were Social Detox Alumna, like Regina, who donated 54% of total hours.

We’d love for you to join us – regardless of who you are, we have volunteer opportunities for you at Maggie’s.

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