We are delighted to announce Regina Burns as our Maggie’s Volunteer of the Month for the month of September! Not only is Regina a rockstar volunteer, she’s also an alumna of our Social Detox Program.

 ❝Regina has been a very passionate and dedicated volunteer at The Magdalen House for a little over a year. Her unique and bubbly personality has been a bright spot in our lives! From housekeeping to overnights, Gina does a little bit of everything to help around the house. We wouldn’t be who we are without women as loving and full of joy as Gina. Thank you so much for all you do! We love you!❞  ⁠
– Taylor Stokes, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Meet Regina: Q&A

1. What is your favorite Volunteer role at Maggie’s?

Everything! I love volunteering at the front desk and greeting all the ladies but I really love having the privilege of doing overnights with the ladies that are staying in the house.

2. What is your favorite quote, anthem, or saying that you live by?

Jump Afraid…God will catch me wherever I land

3. What is your favorite part about volunteering at Maggie’s?

Meeting all the new women that come to the house and staying in touch with the lovely ladies that I have met while on this beautiful journey.

4. How did you become involved at The Magdalen House?

I was fortunate to find Maggie’s House while on my long road to recovery. I went through the house 3 times and the third time was the charm. I had my spiritual experience and found my connection with my Higher Power that I had heard so many other women talk about. I left Maggie’s Social Detox Program for the last time on January 7th, 2019, The next day I started volunteering and trying to give back the gift I received so freely and with much love.

5. Why do you spend your time volunteering at Maggie’s?

It is honestly my home away from home! There is no other place I know of that I can go and immediately feel so much peace. As many women say, “God lives at Maggie’s.” We know God is everywhere but I feel HIS presence as soon as I walk in the door. When times are good or when I’m struggling with something, I always feel an overwhelming sense of clarity and peace when I talk to the other women that struggle with my disease. It is a place where I find hope and solution no matter what I am facing in life.

6. What’s something really incredible you’ve witnessed at The Magdalen House?

My own recovery! Prior to Maggie’s, I had been fighting this disease for almost 20 years and thinking I was just a bad person. Maggie’s told me I was not a bad person trying to get better but a sick person trying to get well and explained my disease the way no one else had ever explained it to me. After many, many rehabs, hospitals, loss of jobs and hurting my family beyond belief, I found the solution through the things I was taught at The Magdalen House. I had put my life in the hands of many doctors and medical facilities for years that never came close to giving me the tools and loving care that I received at Maggie’s in only 14 days for no cost. The Magdalen House is not about money or numbers. It was founded with love and a sincere desire to help women and that is what it sole purpose is to this day. I was blessed with a gift that I cannot explain. This gift came from other women that had experienced the same living hell I had experienced. They showed me how to get my life back and then how to help other alcoholic women to do the same. Maggie’s House saved my life and made me the woman I am today and for that I am grateful.

7. What do you wish non-alcoholics understood about alcoholism?

That they understood that it is a two-part disease and not a matter of will power. So many alcoholics are dying every day because thy do not have the correct information about alcoholism. That is why it is imperative that as alcoholics, we continue to carry the message about this disease.

About Volunteer of the Month

Each month, one volunteer from The Magdalen House will be selected based on their involvement, punctuality, dependability, and/or stand out behavior. Any active volunteer at Maggie’s will automatically be considered for the Volunteer of the Month recognition! Even if you haven’t been recognized (yet!), please know how much we appreciate YOU. The time and love you give to this House is treasured.

Maggie’s Volunteers

If you’ve been to The Magdalen House, you’ve met a Maggie’s volunteer. We rave about them daily, say thank you over and over again, but they really are the best. From our Board Members and Leave a Legacy Dinner Committees, to Social Detox Alumna and Peer Recovery Participants helping as Overnights and Front Desk Admins, our active, dedicated volunteers are the reason we are able to not only create, but sustain, a recovery community for alcoholic women.

In the first half of 2019, 380 volunteers donated 8,660 hours; 14% of those volunteers were Social Detox Alumna, like Regina, who donated 54% of total hours.

We’d love for you to join us – regardless of who you are, we have volunteer opportunities for you at Maggie’s.

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