Written by Taylor Stokes, Volunteer Program Coordinator

Lynne Miner came through The Magdalen House in 2019, made a decision to stay close, and we couldn’t be more grateful! She’s such a beautiful, loving, gentle spirit, and that’s exactly what Maggie’s is all about! Lynne has been so ready and willing to cover ANY volunteer shift needed, both scheduled and on the fly! We love you Lynne! Thank you for everything you do!

Lynne Miner + Maggie’s =❤️

Lynne started volunteering:

In October 2019 immediately after leaving the Social Detox Program! Way to jump to it Lynne!

She has donated a total of:

176 hours. That’s $4,475. That means she’s helped put 3 women through Social Detox!!!

You can usually find her:

At the front desk of course! Checking people in with so much love

I’ve never seen her without:

A smile! It’s so inspiring to see Lynne here serving with a smile and being such a friendly face to everyone she comes in contact with.

One time she:

Worked a double front desk shift to fill the gap on an open shift! Always so willing and ready to help wherever she can.

My favorite thing about her is:

Her humor! I definitely know who go to for a laugh.

Maggie’s wouldn’t be the same without her because:

She’s one of the most loving souls here that helps keep Maggie’s a place of unity and kindness. Women like Lynne are a beacon of light in our little community! So grateful to have her contribution of experience, strength, and hope at The Magdalen House!


We are so very grateful for volunteers who donate their time to The Magdalen House. Did you know ONE volunteer hour saves us $29.95?! That means for every 40 hours an individual volunteers, the value created for our organization equals the amount donors give to pay for one woman’s two-week stay through the First Step Program. You are literally paying it forward.

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