Days before Thanksgiving, our team was forced to make one of the most difficult decisions in our program’s history. Asking women to leave who were seeking transformation through our 14-day Social Detox program was one of the hardest things we’ve done.

Alcoholic women aren’t just battling a life-threatening illness; they’re fighting for their lives during a global pandemic.

But because of support from our generous donors, Mandy, one of the women affected by our COVID-19 suspension of services, is able to share her story today. And thankfully, her story’s ending is one of hope.

I spent five days at The Magdalen House before the suspension of services. I left that Saturday with the delusion that five days was enough to help me get sober. It was not! Having the opportunity to come back was a direct blessing from God and I see it no other way.

The love and support shown by the staff and sisterhood at Maggie’s is unlike anything I have or could experience anywhere else. I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity and will forever be grateful!!!

It was an easy choice for me to come back, in fact I was sitting in the driveway before the house even opened! I love the people here more than they will ever know because through them introducing me to my Higher Power, my kids will once again have the mom they deserve, and I will be able to help other women. 

Thank you for what you do. My love for you all is insane and will be forever grateful for you giving me the tools to live a life doing God’s will.

– Mandy, December 2020 Social Detox Alumna

We desperately need your tax-deductible donation as we look toward the end of this unprecedented year and our future as the only agency who provides no-cost services to alcoholic women.  Every single dollar donated helps ensure the implementation of new and necessary protocols, based on the pandemic’s changing reality, so we can keep our doors open for women like Mandy.


Your End of Year tax-deductible donation ensures that women like Mandy continue to receive life-saving recovery services at absolutely no cost.

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