By Ainsley Chapman, Director of Community Outreach

“My kids have always been my number one priority, but I just couldn’t stop drinking. Since being in Legacy Court and The Next Step program, I have learned more about myself and how to see things in a different way. Now that I am sober, I am able to show up for my kids and be more interactive in their lives. I’m able to show them affection and do things for them I wasn’t able to do while I was drinking.” – Latonya Tutton, Next Step Graduate and Legacy Family Court Participant

In the fall of 2019, we established our partnership with Legacy Family Court. They provide services to support their voluntary participants in their recovery from alcoholism and addiction to assist in creating a stable life and a safe environment for their children to return to. An incredible service in our community, we learned about them when a woman came through our Social Detox as part of her requirements with the Legacy Family Court program.

To date, we have had a total of four Legacy Family Court participants referred to our Social Detox or Next Step programs. Stephanie Crawford, who is our Peer Recovery Coordinator, is the direct liaison between The Magdalen House and Legacy Family Court, providing feedback and updates on how the women from Legacy Family Court are doing in our programs.

“I love helping alcoholic women and have a soft spot for helping alcoholic mothers like myself. The Magdalen House has the opportunity to reach more mothers who are suffering because of the partnership with Legacy Family Court. I am so grateful to work with a team that is just as passionate and the opportunity to know Latonya. Because of this partnership, I have had the incredible opportunity to witness Latonya become the amazing mother that she is – something that used to be hidden by her alcoholism.” – Stephanie Crawford, Peer Recovery Coordinator

Addressing Alcoholism and Addiction, As a Community

“The ladies in the drug court speak highly of The Magdalen House and we can truly see not just a difference but a true transformation of a life. We are so thankful for what you all are doing and I am excited to partner with you and Maggie’s House to continue to develop ways to keep our ladies safe and sober and more importantly, keep them connected to the support they so desperately need.” – Judge Jean Lee, Legacy Family Court

When Judge Jean Lee sent us this in an email inviting us to meet the team, we were honored. Meeting her and seeing the passion that the Legacy Family Court team has for helping families has been incredible. A passion that is clearly driven by action, they are continually seeking to better understand the parents that they are working with. We had the honor of presenting “Women and Alcoholism: Separating Fact from Fiction and How You Can Help” to the entire team, and the court is now known as the Dallas County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Court.

The partnership between The Magdalen House and Legacy Family Court not only helps change the lives of the participants but makes Dallas a healthier community. The Court helps provide them with the opportunity to be reunited with their children while The Magdalen House helps provide the long-term support for these women to recover from their alcoholism, working together to restore their families. If we can do this, then we can help Dallas as a whole by keeping these women out of the system and back into society where they can lead happy, healthy, productive lives.

About Legacy Family Court: Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Reunification

Legacy Family Court is focusing on three things: recovery, rehabilitation, and reunification. They exist to support parents who are battling addiction by giving them an opportunity to recover and restore their families. Having a court system that allows individuals an opportunity to get well instead of being incarcerated is a beautiful thing to see. We are proud to partner with them and offer free services for alcoholic women in their program.

The Legacy Family Court provides a voluntary, 18-month recovery and rehabilitation program for low income, drug-addicted and alcoholic parents whose children have been removed from their care as a result of their substance abuse. Intensive and accountability-driven, this program is designed to facilitate recovery from substance abuse and addiction, rehabilitate parents toward sustained healthy living, and reunite children with parents in a safe, healthy environment.




By focusing on what we do well while engaging organizations that meet unique needs, we’re not only able to unify and educate one another, but we are also able to build a stronger community together.