You will probably never know the thousands of women who will one day be sitting in the meditation garden at The Magdalen House’s new home.

But they will know you.

They will know the positive effect you’ve had on their lives by the brick you bought that built a wall of hope in their sanctuary on their journey of recovery. They will read the message you had inscribed on your brick, helping them get to the other side.

Anyone can buy a brick.

It doesn’t matter if you know any of the alcoholic women in recovery at The Magdalen house. You don’t have to be a family member or friend. You don’t have to have to understand the disease, or any of the devastating effects of alcoholism. You just have to know that one brick in this wall can change the course of thousands of women’s lives. The words you inscribe, no matter how simple, will send a message of hope so powerful it can lift a woman from despair, inspire her to help another woman, heal a family and create a community filled with understanding, support, and love.

Your brick is hope.

Most people can’t imagine what it is like to be an alcoholic woman. But imagine yourself struggling through one of the most seemingly impossible challenges of your life, sitting in a safe, sacred place, surrounded by a wall of bricks put there by people you may never know. The words on those bricks feel like messages from God guiding you to your power within. That is what hope does. That is what your brick will do.

Thank you for your act of courage to buy a brick for our women. We can’t wait to fill the world with positive stories of their courageous journeys to the other side.


Whether you’re a woman in Maggie’s community, a family member of an alcoholic, a friend in recovery, or simply an advocate for The Magdalen House, we want YOU to become a part of this tradition.