Step two says, “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” But what do you do when you’re struggling to believe? Amy’s* story is just one of many, but it’s a beautiful example of a “Hopeful Happening” at The Magdalen House.

Struggling With Spirituality

It was Amy’s first day at The Magdalen House, and as she sat and listened during the meeting, she wrestled with the idea of finding or believing in a Higher Power. But she wasn’t the only one.

Sitting next to her, Elizabeth* spoke up. She mentioned her challenges in finding and believing in a Higher Power to the meeting chair teaching them about the Steps that afternoon. Her response? “Seek evidence of a Higher Power at work at Maggie’s. Go outside and ask a Higher Power to reveal something – anything – whether it’s for you or someone else.”

Seeking Out Spirituality

After the meeting, each woman began to seek – not sure what, or if, they’d find evidence of any evidence of a Higher Power.

Amy almost took it as a joke, scoffing to herself, “if there is a God – show yourself!”

And, then she looked down.

There, on the ground, was a small stick, poking up out of the earth, touching her foot. She reached down and pulled it out. There were two ends.

One end buried deeper in the ground and one that was on top of the earth. As she looked at it, she had an intuitive thought that this was her sign. She could see it as a representation of her life as an alcoholic that she faced two paths. One way shorter, and the other longer, with twists, turns, with bumps along the way – but long and branching out.

Her intuitive thought was that the shorter path is her life as an unrecovered alcoholic. Short, uneventful, ending too soon. The other, her path to recovery: not always smooth, at times difficult even, but extending to others and a chance to help.

That afternoon Amy shared with others what she had found – and the message she believes her Higher Power sent to her. Amy’s “Spirit Stick” has served as a source of inspiration to herself, Elizabeth, and the other women in the House, as well as staff and those attending meetings on Zoom.

*Names have been changed for client privacy.