By Tina Shuey, The Magdalen House Board of Directors Programs Chair

Seven years ago, I walked through Maggie’s doors, where I was surrounded by a community that showed me that freedom from alcoholism was possible. Not only did I see the women standing in front of me and beside me, I saw the names of women who came before me on a brick wall in Maggie’s backyard.

If you’ve ever been touched by alcoholism – whether it’s you personally or a loved one – you understand that dark place where all hope seems lost.

Hope is Found at The Magdalen House

But as a part of The Magdalen House community – whether you’re an alcoholic woman, a family member, a friend, or an advocate for the mission – you know, likely from experience, that hope is found here.

At our new house, thousands of alcoholic women and their families will find hope. And for those of us who have experienced hopelessness, our duty, and our legacy, is to pass on hope to the women and families who come after us. Our stories and our community are what will surround these women and families in love, as they walk out of the dark.

The Wall of Hope

Enclosing our new Meditation Garden will be a brick wall, called the Wall of Hope. This wall will honor the original tradition started by alcoholic women in recovery, while also allowing family members, friends, and supporters to share in this special ritual. It will tell our stories, show our support, share our pain, and pave the way for countless alcoholic women and families for many years to come.

We want everyone – yes, you – to have a brick on this wall. You have the opportunity to write a custom message that will become a permanent part of the garden, leaving a legacy and giving hope for years to come.

Our experience becomes the greatest asset we have so please share yours by purchasing a brick today.

The last day to buy bricks is August 31, which is quickly approaching.


Our Wall of Hope Brick Campaign has closed.