An Interview with Teresa Hollingsworth, Social Detox Alumna 

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Is your family unit stronger since you since you got sober?

Maggie’s saved my life and my relationships with all of my family. I have a huge family and being sober and spending quality time with them is such a blessing!!

It’s so wonderful to be able to be open and honest in my relationship with my daughter. It’s so easy for me now to admit when I’ve done wrong, and she sees that. My parents have been amazing too, and I’m happy they get to see me sober now. They have played an integral part in our lives, and it makes me so happy to be able to be a productive part in their lives as they grow older.

How have your children been affected by your recovery?

The principles I’ve learned at Maggie’s and throughout 12-Step recovery have not only helped me recover from alcoholism but have positively impacted my daughter. The spiritual tools I have learned have helped my daughter with issues she suffers from her brain tumor. She has faltered in her Faith for years but is now meditating and writing gratitude lists daily.  We get to be open and honest with each other.

Our relationship is still rocky in many ways, but it has undoubtedly blossomed, considering she didn’t even want to speak with me when I relapsed.

How did you find The Magdalen House?

I had relapsed, and a woman that had been to Maggie’s before who was also a friend came and put me in her car and brought me to Maggie’s. I would never have known anything about it if it wasn’t for her.

Why do you stay close?

The Magdalen House saved my life. I stay close and volunteer when I am able so that other women can have the same opportunity that I did. I would never have understood the 12-Steps without Maggie’s.