A Testimonial from Deveri Reppeto, Volunteer and Peer Recovery Participant 

Help a Mom Recover is a series that spotlights moms in Maggie’s Recovery Community. Please consider honoring the moms in your life with a gift to The Magdalen House this Mother’s Day. YOU can help a mom recover.

“The last seven years as a mother have been the best. Living a Spiritual and Sober life has blessed me and my family. I used to think that alcohol made me a better mother, less stressed – more chill.  When in reality, I became less attentive and able. It is a blessing to be with my children now. We truly experience life together.  They want me around. They want my advice. They listen to me. They see the change and are grateful for it. They see how living connected with God makes all the difference in the world.”

– Deveri Reppeto, Volunteer and Peer Recovery Participant