A special thank you goes to our Development Director, Kate Richter for all of her time, love, and talent that she poured into the Leave a Legacy Dinner.

By Kate Richter, Development Director

As one of the non-alcoholic women on staff at The Magdalen House, I have come to learn a lot about recovery. Witnessing recovered alcoholic women come together, celebrate life anew, and rejoice in the freedom found in recovery from alcoholism is an incredible thing. It is an experience that moves many – not just other alcoholic women – to a posture of care and compelled to, like the recovered alcoholic woman, leave a legacy that will help the next alcoholic woman in need. The night of October 3rd was a true testament to that.

This year’s Leave a Legacy Dinner with Former First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Laura Bush, marked an incredible milestone for Maggie’s. Not only was it the largest fundraising event in The Magdalen House’s 32-year history, but it was the first public announcement of our $3.2M Legacy of Hope Capital Campaign for a new facility. The event, presented by Ben E. Keith Company and chaired by Kathi and Scott Shuford & family, brought together friends of The Magdalen House – new and old – for a memorable celebration of life, recovery, and freedom from alcoholism for both women and their families in North Texas.

“It is estimated that over 250,000 women in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are alcohol-dependent. This includes wives, mothers, sisters, and even daughters. The Magdalen House’s treatment plan has saved thousands of these North Texas women from the darkness of alcoholism, and most importantly, it has put mothers back with their children, and on a path to success.” – Mrs. Laura Bush, Former First Lady of the United States

It’s hard to follow Mrs. Laura Bush, being the Former First Lady of the United States and all. Still, Lisa – our fearless Executive Director – approached the podium teary-eyed to share her personal experience of finding Maggie’s early in her recovery, 12 years ago.

“Sobriety is an event, but recovery is an experience.” – Lisa Kroencke, Executive Director

Combined with The Other Side video, her speech left the room wiping away tears and feeling that inexplainable chill one gets when witnessing something miraculous happening. As she spoke about the Legacy of Hope Capital Campaign to build our new facility, history was in the making. The announcement marks the most significant milestone to date in our three-plus decades of helping alcoholic women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery.

It is with gratitude I can share that the event raised a total of over $670,000 that will go directly toward providing free programs for alcoholic women and building our new home on Gaston Avenue. Of that, $403,350 raised during the paddle raise alone is for our new facility – all in a single evening.

Recovery is grounded in the idea that together, we can accomplish what we cannot do alone. At The Magdalen House, women help each other develop the spiritual skills to build new lives. And one of the most beautiful parts of Maggie’s is that all services provided to every woman that graces our doors are free-of-charge. The no-cost provision of these services would not be possible without each of you. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to share the biggest night in our agency’s history with us and for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of alcoholic women and their families this year.

Awards and Sponsors

Awards were presented to honor those that have been integral to The Magdalen House’s mission. The Honorary Award was accepted on behalf of the David M. Crowley Foundation by Delia Johnson, Vice President of Programs at the foundation. “The moment we walked through the front door, we felt moved to support The Magdalen House, an organization that helps alcoholic women achieve sobriety and sustain recovery with compassion, faith, and hope.” – Delia Johnson. The Paul Tate Advocate Award went to Nancy and Jack Zogg. “Providing a safe and dignified environment for women who have the disease of alcoholism is a tough job, and they do it really well at The Magdalen House.” – Nancy and Jack Zogg.

Sponsors of the event include The David M. Crowley Foundation, James Hallam and Louise Collins of Ben E. Keith Company, Lee Ann and Steve Van Amburgh of KDC, The Moozie Foundation, Linda and Ed Appleby, Tessa and Lucinda Real Estate Group, Dallas Auction Gallery, Sapphire Foundation, Becky Frey Real Estate Group, Sparrow House Counseling, Tradition Senior Living, Sewell Automotive Companies, Lucky 21, Improving, Origins Behavioral Healthcare and Benchmark Bank.

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