Welcome to 4513 Gaston Avenue, Our New Home

While we wish we could have had all of our friends and supporters stop by to see our new house, we hope you enjoy a look inside with Executive Director Lisa Kroencke.

Remember our first virtual tour?
Week 45: A Look Inside

We are so grateful for everyone who has made this moment possible. From our first Capital Campaign donors who believed in this project since the very beginning, to every volunteer that showed up at a moment’s notice these last few weeks, and everyone in between.

We are incredibly thankful to have such a loving, thoughtful, and dedicated community surrounding The Magdalen House.

Move-In Day

These past few weeks have been full of excitement. We are so excited to announce that tomorrow, Monday, April 19, 2021, women currently in their two-week stay in the Social Detox program will be transported to 4513 Gaston Avenue to begin a new chapter in The Magdalen House’s history.

While we are so eager to have you visit us in person, please note that all of our classes, meetings, workshops, and Next Step accountability groups will continue as virtual-only until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please reach out to us at info@magdalenhouse.org.

1. Am I allowed to visit the house, in-person?

At this time, only staff, select volunteers, and women admitted to the Social Detox program will be allowed at The Magdalen House in person.

2. How do I attend a meeting at The Magdalen House?

Our classes, workshops, and meetings are offered virtually, along with our Next Step program.

Please visit magdalenhouse.org/meetings and magdalenhouse.org/nextstep for more information.

3. When will The Magdalen House have in-person meetings, fellowship events, and Next Step accountability groups?

We hope very soon! We will share updates as soon as we have them.

4. Will The Magdalen House keep 1302 Redwood Circle?

No, we are saying goodbye to our beloved home in Little Forest Hills – a gift to the organization in 1996 – where we spent 25 years serving alcoholic women at no cost.

That property has been sold to a new owner.