By Ainsley Chapman, Director of Outreach

“I’m so grateful for the partnership with Genesis because of my own experience with domestic violence and the domestic violence shelters that took me in on my many attempts to get away for good and all. It was a vicious cycle. My abusive relationship would always take me back to my alcoholism and my alcoholism would always take me back to my abusive relationship. I was a slave to both. I had people in my corner trying to help me, but I couldn’t stay sober, so I was incapable of receiving the help that was being offered. I know my story is one of many. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity that The Magdalen House has to partner with Genesis to better serve our community. Today, I am free and I’m so excited at the thought of more women reaching that same freedom! Both from their abuser and from their alcoholism!”

– Stephanie Crawford, Program Coordinator

Did you know, one in four women will know domestic violence in her lifetime? In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we’re highlighting our Community Partner Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, a local organization that exists to help women and children live abuse-free lives.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence, also referred to as intimate partner violence, occurs when one person in a relationship tries to establish power and control over the other through a pattern of intentional behaviors that can include physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse. And just like alcoholism, domestic violence can affect anyone. There is no “typical” victim–no racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, educational, or age-related boundaries when it comes to abuse.

Quick Facts about Domestic Violence

  • One in four women in the United States – and one in three in Texas – will know domestic violence during her lifetime.
  • 8 million women are victims each year in the United States.
  • On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.

Helping Alcoholic Women Who Have Experienced Domestic Violence, Together

Our partnership with Genesis began a couple of years ago, when we met at their Outreach offices for a site tour. Following that we had the honor to tour their shelter and see the wonderful, safe home they provide to more than 650 women and children each year. The staff at Genesis spent time educating our staff at The Magdalen House about how to recognize when someone may be experiencing domestic violence. We learned about different forms of domestic abuse that we had never heard before, such as financial abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting and many others that don’t automatically come to mind when thinking of domestic violence. In turn, The Magdalen House was able to provide education on the disease of alcoholism to the staff at Genesis. Like us, they are passionate about education in the community and I believe that knowledge about alcoholism and domestic violence will equip our community with the information they need to recognize when someone needs help and could ultimately save a life.

While domestic violence affects both men and women alike, Genesis focuses specifically on helping women because their unique needs and vulnerabilities – much like The Magdalen House focuses on addressing the unique needs of alcoholic women. I am amazed at the broad range of services they provide for women who have experienced domestic violence. They offer everything from counseling, long term housing, and legal services, all in addition to their emergency shelter. Our partnership with Genesis allows us to better serve alcoholic women who are victims of domestic violence.

I love the mission of Genesis and all they have to offer. I believe that together we can work to provide a safer, healthier community for women in DFW. I encourage you to take a look at their Resources Page to learn more about how you can spot domestic violence, and learn how to help.

About Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support exists to help women and children live abuse-free lives. Their mission is to provide safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence, and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact. From their emergency shelter, to their counseling services available at their Outreach office, they have geared their services to provide women with the help and guidance they need most.

  • Emergency Shelter: The Genesis emergency shelter is at an undisclosed location so women escaping a dangerous relationship can feel safe and confident that her abuser will not find her. They provide housing for women and their families for up to 6 weeks in order to help them get back on their feet.
  • Transitional Housing: After a woman has been at the Genesis emergency shelter for 6 weeks, she may still be in need of assistance to get her life in order. Annie’s House provides a transitional home to help her rediscover her independence.
  • Counseling Services: Genesis counseling services are available at our shelter as well as through our Outreach office. Whether it is for a single woman, a teen, or a mom and her children, they provide professional counseling services to help her cope and know she is not alone in her journey towards healing from abuse.
  • Legal Services: Navigating the legal process can feel intimidating for anyone, but particularly for women who have experienced violence in their relationship. The Genesis legal team provides a variety of services including direct representation, advisement in how you can litigate your case yourself and connecting you with an attorney through our network of pro bono community attorneys.

The Genesis hotline, 214-946-HELP (4357), is answered 24 hours a day. Someone is available anytime day or night to help women find safety, shelter and support.


By focusing on what we do well while engaging organizations that meet unique needs, we’re not only able to unify and educate one another, but we are also able to build a stronger community together.