Meet Christanna Bhardwaj

Based in Frisco, Texas | In Recovery Since July 5, 2016

“Recovery has taught me many things as well as given me countless blessings. The most impactful lesson I love telling women is how recovery has given me true freedom, I no longer run or hide. Recovery has shown me how to be a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I am now responsible and no longer a victim and how freeing that is!”

Her Favorite Line in the Big Book

If you persist, remarkable things will happen. When we look back, we realize that the things which came to us when we put ourselves in God’s hands were better than anything we could have planned.” Page 100

Saturday Steps Workshop

Saturdays in February at 12:00 pm (CST) | Virtual

For alcoholic women, only. We kindly ask that men and family members not join.

In this weekly workshop series, Christanna will help us better understand steps four through nine, using her knowledge and personal experience to break down taking inventory, making amends, and everything in between.


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