When you think about volunteering at Maggie’s, you probably think about being at the house, lending a helping hand, on-site, to whatever is needed. That’s all very true and very helpful! But did you know there are other ways to help and get volunteer hours when you’re not at the house?

Donating a meal to the house IS a volunteer opportunity! We know things like meals take time to prepare/order and even more time to bring up to The Magdalen House. Every bit of your time is worth documenting! A donated meal can be home-cooked, or store-bought, so long as there is enough to feed up to 20 people.

How to Donate a Meal


You can sign-up to schedule a donated meal drop-off at least 24 hours in advance in one of two ways:

  1. Through the volunteer portal on our website, which can be accessed by clicking the “Volunteer Login” button on the Volunteer page
  2. By calling our Volunteer Coordinator, Taylor Stokes, at 214.600.7375


When you bring the meal to the house, swing by the iPad and log in under “Donated Meal” before heading to the office and it will clock you in for two hours of service!

Donated Meals Make an Impact

Donated meals are such a treat for the women in our Social Detox Program! Plus, when you donate a meal not only does it count as volunteer time, but it is also a gift-in-kind, two things that help keep our operating expenses low.

NEW: Cooking Dinner at Maggie’s

As of February 2020, we’ve added a NEW Volunteer Opportunity! Come up to Maggie’s on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon and help prepare a meal for the clients in the house. You may bring your own ingredients, or you may cook what the house has set out for dinner. Sign up must be done 24 hours in advance. If you are bringing your own ingredients, please let the Volunteer Program Coordinator know when you sign up, and please bring your receipt for the donor contract. Dinner should be started by 3pm.

Other Ways to Help