When you think about volunteering at The Magdalen House, you probably think about being at the house, but did you know there are other ways to help and get volunteer hours when you’re not here?

Donating a meal to the house is a great way to give back when you can’t physically be here at Maggie’s. Home-cooked, store-bought, or from your favorite local restaurant – we are grateful for your time and generosity!

1. How do I sign up to donate a meal to The Magdalen House?

Please email us at kady@magdalenhouse.org to discuss an available date. As much as we love a good surprise, scheduling a date for your donated meal helps ensure that the food goes to good use – and not waste.

2. How much food do I need to send when donating a meal?

We typically ask for 15 servings, to cover a full house + a few volunteers and staff.

3. How do I deliver the meal?

Please ring the doorbell and leave the meal on the front porch.

4. Do I need to do anything else?

We will email you an online donor contract for you to fill out. It is crucial to our record-keeping, and we ask that you please take the time to fill it out immediately.

Donated Meals Make an Impact

Donated meals are such a treat for the women in our Social Detox Program! Plus, when you donate a meal not only does it count as volunteer time, but it is also a gift-in-kind, two things that help keep our operating expenses low.

Other Ways to Help