The Dallas 24 Hour Club is one of our strongest reciprocal service partners. Since 1969, Dallas 24 Hour Club has provided safe, sober transitional living for homeless men and women seeking a brand-new life away from alcohol and drugs. The 24 Hour Club provides a housing program for recovering alcoholics at a minimal cost for up to six months.

Similar to The Magdalen House, they also provide a place for recovery meetings and 12-Step fellowship which is a unique benefit to the entire Dallas recovery community. What’s great about our partnership with the 24 Hour Club is that we can ensure safe transitional living for our clients after they complete our Social Detox Program. This enables our clients to continue living in a solution-based supportive environment and continue to practice spiritual principles. In return, if women are in need of physical detox from alcohol and/or a foundation of recovery, the 24 Hour Club is able to utilize our free service and then transition back to the 24 Hour Club after their two week stay with us.

Executive Director, Tim Grigsby, provides us with feedback on our reciprocal partnership:

“Any women that have come from Maggie’s in the past have always had a solid Big Book foundation and know what they need to do to stay sober. You guys tell them the truth.”

We are so thankful to have our friends at the 24 Hour Club. Together we are able to continue to reach thousands of alcoholic women each year by providing a fresh start to a new life of sobriety and permanent recovery.