Courage is to have strength in the face of pain or grief or the ability to do something that frightens us. Courage is our spiritual word of the month for July, so I started thinking about all the ways the members of our group show courage. Courage to us does not normally look like running into a burning building to save someone or fighting in a war like a courageous firefighter or soldier might do as an act of courage. Our courage looks like someone that comes to our meetings to try to help the next family member dealing with alcoholism no matter what their day looked like.

I thought of a few other examples of courage to us:
• Courage is looking at your own motives instead of others’
• Courage is being truthful with oneself
• Courage is knowing that we screwed up and making amends
• Courage is admitting we can’t cope alone
• Courage is letting go and trusting our Higher Power
• Courage is reaching out
• Courage is walking into a meeting for the first time
• Courage is being willing to receive new information about how to cope
• Courage is trusting another
• Courage is choosing love over fear
• Courage is taking care of yourself
• Courage is being vulnerable
• Courage is asking for help
• Courage is to live and let live

My very favorite example of courage:

Courage is to trust that God has a plan that is a trillion times better than anything you have or could have come up with.

I hope to see all of the brave family members and friends at the family support meeting on Wednesday at 6:30p at the Magdalen House.

Laurie Evans


The Magdalen House Family Support Group