An extra special thank you to goes to our Retreat Chairs, Jonna Stout and Nancy McMahon, and the Retreat Committee who took the idea of a Maggie’s Women’s Group Day Retreat and ran full speed ahead with it, bringing a truly magical day to life.

By Jonna Stout, Volunteer

When I got the phone call from Nancy, Co-Chair of Maggie’s Women’s Group, eight months ago asking if I would consider being part of a committee to organize and plan the first ever Maggie’s Women’s Group Day Retreat I answered without hesitation, “yes.”  I say this not to boast about my willingness, but because it surprised even me. It was a feeling I had from the very beginning that this would be something special and I wanted to be a part of it, and almost immediately the gears in my head began to turn. How would we pull this off? Where would it be? What was our budget? How big would it be? Would anyone actually come? 

Off to the Races

The first meeting was scheduled and the ideas started flowing.  From that first meeting it was clear that the love and fellowship that is found at the heart of Maggie’s would drive the planning of this day.  A team of amazing women was assembled and we were off to the races…in a good way. 😉

Over the months that followed were a slew of meetings, site visits, checklists, emails, social media posts, and, yes, even some tears were shed. Our only goal was that we bring women together for fellowship in the light of the 12 Steps that guide our recovery.

So Much More

The reality of the day was so much more than we could have ever planned for. Starting with the weather which began cold, overcast and dreary but quickly turned into a clear, sunny, crisp, fall day. As the ladies arrived, the energy of the venue became electric. Excitement and enthusiasm filled the air. From the honor and respect evident as Lisa Kroencke interviewed two of our founders, to the outside 12 Step panel discussion, to the guided meditation, to the fantastic meals and snacks, and, yes, even to the “no-show” bus at the end of the evening, the day was beyond anything I could have imagined.

As I have had time to process the event in the days that followed, I have been filled with love and respect for my fellow Maggie’s women. It is true that the venue was beautiful, the signage and décor was next level and the animals on the property added a special touch, but the honest to goodness truth was that it was the women who decided to take time out of their lives on a Saturday and join us in the spirit of recovery and fellowship that made the day so extraordinary.  I am so grateful that I was part of this and I can truly say toady and everyday to each and every one of you that was part of this that I am “So glad you’re here!”  Until next year…

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