“I have learned how to tell a story through our data and see the broader impact we’re making in the lives of alcoholic women and their families through our programs. CNM makes analyzing data not only easy to understand but fun.”

– Ainsley Chapman, Director of Outreach

Before January of 2018, Ainsley Chapman, Director of Outreach and former Director of Social Detox, would have never considered herself a “numbers person.” Before our partnership with CNM, we gathered data about the women and families that we were serving, but we didn’t have the strategic insights they offered to understand the story the data was telling us.

Nonprofits’ Need for Data in a Data-Driven World

In an era of growing needs and shrinking resources, we as nonprofits are being asked to do even more with less, placing additional strain on our already limited resources. Public and private funding for our agency tends to focus on building and expanding programs, as opposed to investing in our core infrastructure, organizational growth, and leadership development. But these funders also want to see how their resources are making an impact in the organizations they’re investing in. As a result, we needed the kind of support that can strengthen our operations and enable us to deliver our services more effectively. This is the gap CNM fills for us. 

For 40 years, CNM – formerly called The Center for Nonprofit Management – has helped strengthen nonprofits by offering affordable education and management consulting services to nonprofits. But as issues have continued to grow, CNM decided to expand their mission in 2015 to focus on strengthening communities, not just nonprofits, and work with all stakeholder to get results through management and strategic data expertise and leading edge technology. As part of this shift, CNM launched CNM-pact® to ensure nonprofits are collecting the right data, interpreting and acting on it the right way, and operating efficiently and effectively to get results.  

Understanding Data = Bigger Impact for Alcoholic Women

For over two years, CNM-pact has played an integral part of our strategic growth planBy providing the methodology in how we collect data and electronically analyzing our program results, CNM-pact has freed up staff members like Ainsley to spend more time with our program clients – directly affecting our quality of care. Additionally, CNM-pact has allowed us to make necessary changes to our programming – like in 2019 when we realized that women who had more than 4 visits were not completing our Social Detox Program. We were able to take that data and turn it into a procedure that helps us to free up more beds, better serve our clients, and ultimately serve an increased number of clients who would complete the program. 

And, just as important, we can now provide our funders and stakeholders with actualized program data that supports the assertion that our services are critical to the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  

Better Reaching More Alcoholic Women, Together

In 2019, we became a CNM Certifiedpartner. This certification shows that we, as an organization are: using valid procedures for data collection, analysis, and reporting; making data-driven decisions; continually improving our programs; and engaging stakeholders in our mission.

Thanks to the partnership with CNM that has grown over the last two years, our agency can better meet the needs of, and focus on, our vision for growth in serving the more than 250,000 alcoholic women in the DFW area and better communicate these results to our stakeholders. We are so grateful for the opportunity to partner with CNM, and to support their mission to strengthen the Dallas-Fort Worth community in a meaningful and lasting way.  

Today, Ainsley continues to work closely with the CNM team to help our team analyze the data to better understand what areas are successful, where improvements need to be made, and how to tell an even more robust story. Their evaluation expertise, analytical skills, and technology are invaluable to us. 

“Working with The Magdalen House is an example of what true partnership can achieve. The Magdalen House has a strong focus on outcomes and measuring what matters. This focus provides CNM with the perfect mix of enthusiastic and committed nonprofit staff, and valid and reliable data leading to a CNM-pact dashboard that can truly be used for program improvement and stakeholder engagement.”

– Nora Douglas, Director of Outcomes & Evaluation, CNM

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