Please join us in celebrating Stephanie Crawford, who has been part of The Magdalen House team for a whole year!

When Stephanie joined The Magdalen House team in January of 2020, we knew she had a passion for helping alcoholic women. What we quickly discovered, though, was her gift for leading The Next Step Accountability Groups – connecting with every woman in the group. When the pandemic hit, she took the change in stride, helping our team to adapt the program to a virtual format, ultimately incorporating an idea that would kick-start The Magdalen House Podcast. Steph, we are so grateful you are here. Thank you for all that you do!
– Chloe Cramer, Director of Programs

P.S. Stay tuned for more of Steph in Season 2 of The Magdalen House Podcast, launching later this month! You can listen to Season 1 on Spotify, Apple, Google, and more!

1. What do you do at The Magdalen House, and what does a “typical” day look like for you?

I work primarily in The Next Step program, where I get to work directly with clients, overseeing the participants. I also handle the alumni coordination for our Graduates and host The Magdalen House Podcast! ☺️

A typical day usually starts with leading a Daily Check-In for our new and seasoned Next Step participants. From there, I spend the day connecting with participants, planning assignments, coordinating the participants’ shadow program, and screening potential clients. I especially love the days where I get to host our podcast and workshops, where I get to connect strong recovered women to our participants. I learn just as much as the participants do! My favorite days are my “Next Step Days,” where I get to facilitate Accountability Groups. This is where I really get to see the transformation of the women and where I get to see the fruits of recovery in their life. The women teach me so much about myself and continue to inspire me in my life. I’m grateful to be trusted with what I believe to be such an important job.

2. What is your favorite line in the Big Book, and why?

“We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations, and affairs.” (Page 19)

I’ve always loved this line, but now it has an even deeper meaning to me because it reminds me of someone I really loved and just recently lost to the disease.

I think this line speaks volumes about the spiritual awakening that happens. It does a great job representing that we don’t just get sober; we recover. We become different people. People that our families, friends, and employers can rely on. I don’t ever want to be unrecovered Stephanie again.

3. What’s something you’ve witnessed at The Magdalen House that inspires or moves you?

Gosh, so many! The clients inspire me every day. When I see the participants and what they’re doing for their recovery, I’m amazed. One story that comes to mind is a participant who came in with no exposure to alcoholism as a disease, and certainly not a solution. She came from a broken home of alcoholics and addicts, and she was court-mandated by CPS. She came in and followed the directions of The Next Step program, and I got to witness one of the most beautiful transformations I’ve ever seen. She came to life. She broke the family cycle, got her kids back (and is an amazing Mom at that!), and now has a year of sobriety.

4. How has working at The Magdalen House impacted your life?

OMG, I wouldn’t work anywhere else! To say that Maggie’s has impacted my life is an understatement. As I mentioned earlier, I recently lost someone really close to me to the disease of addiction. My son’s father, and my late fiancé, was taken suddenly and none of us suspected it so it came as a shock. The amount of love and support that came pouring out from not just the board and the staff, but the entire Maggie’s community was overwhelming! The Maggie’s community is probably the most loving, welcoming, and all-inclusive community I have ever been a part of! The Magdalen House is definitely the best thing that came out of 2020 for me!

5. What are some of your hobbies, or things that you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Stephanie with her kids, Wesley and Kaydence

I’m a Mom and I love spending time with my kiddos and having girl time with my 12-year-old when she lets me. I also love watching her dance and watching my son learn new things and laugh. Besides Mommin’, I love music! I can’t wait for the opportunity to see live music again. I also sing, but that’s mostly just in my car and in the shower now! I also enjoy listening to podcasts and books that help me grow as a human and enhance my spiritual life!

6. What’s something that we may not know about you?

I have two tattoos!

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About Stephanie Crawford

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri Stephanie packed a bag packed and boarded one-way Mega Bus to “escape” the absolutely hopeless life she had been living. Instead, she found herself in the Dallas recovery community where she finally heard, and applied, a solution to her alcoholism.

Stephanie was first introduced to The Magdalen House while working as the Women’s Service Coordinator for the Dallas 24 Hour Club. Being both a neighboring organization and a Community Outreach Partner, she learned more about Maggie’s mission and fell in love with everything they stood for. After her son was born, she became more involved with Maggie’s, visiting for meetings with free childcare.

Stephanie has over two years of experience in the nonprofit recovery industry and loves being in roles where she is working directly with women in recovery. Her favorite things in the world are being a Mom – she has two children, Kaydence and Wesley – and helping other women. She absolutely loves seeing women come together to love, support, and empower one another!