Please join us in celebrating Chelsea Galyon, Program Coordinator at The Magdalen House! Chelsea helps the women in our Next Step program feel at home while they learn the tools to achieve sobriety and sustain recovery.

1. What is your role at The Magdalen House, and what does a “typical” day look like for you?

A typical day for me at Maggie’s is always super rewarding. I take turns with the other coordinators leading a check-in with the participants in our groups as well as the graduates to get my day started. After reaching out to the women who requested information about Next Step and getting them into a group that fits their schedule, I begin preparing for my group. I assign things like homework, buddies to stay in contact with for support, and spiritual principles to practice throughout the week until we meet again.

2. What is your favorite line in the Big Book and why?

“It works. It really does

-Page 88

It’s so simple, yet so matter of fact and says so much about what’s going on here. Not to mention, I’ve experienced first-hand being a recovered alcoholic woman myself.

3. What’s something you’ve witnessed at The Magdalen House that inspires or moves you?

The thing that moved me the most about The Magdalen House is the humility displayed by staff, “we pray they won’t remember our names.” The fact that we treat these women as our peers rather than the typical “patient” placement they might be in elsewhere reminds me to be a sister among sisters. The motives are truly altruistic, and the results speak for themselves. This agency has been connecting women to this power that’s necessary to recover right before my eyes since day one.

4. How has working at The Magdalen House impacted your life?

Working at The Magdalen House has helped me remember that I can only be of maximum service to my sisters in recovery if I continue to look for and remain willing to be rid of my own defects as they come up. It has a huge impact in my personal spiritual life.

5. What are some of your hobbies, or things that you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I love being outdoors with my daughter and our pets. Going to the dog park, swimming in our pool or at the lake and going to parks with playgrounds.

6. What’s something that we may not know about you?

I am a licensed eyelash technician and I own a lash business that is one of my favorite things in the world next to helping alcoholic women.

About Chelsea Galyon

Chelsea grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio in an alcoholic home and began drinking at an early age. She moved to Texas with her 6-month-old in 2016. During the following year, she began her recovery journey and achieved sobriety on November 8, 2017 while at The Magdalen House.

The very first time that Chelsea carried the message at Maggie’s, she felt the strong presence of God. She knew then that the mission was an important one and that she would always have good things to say about the women who served and the great work they are doing. She is forever grateful to work with our Next Step participants.

A few of her passions are her 7-year-old, Lily, her pets, Baz and Hello Kutey, carrying the message and being of service.