We are happy to share Bring the Light Ministries is one of our partners! They are thrilled to share accessible recovery with their community and they help the Dallas community by providing food to the homeless in and around downtown Dallas. They serve over 1,200 meals weekly and give out hygiene, water, and bibles. They also do a clothes outreach quarterly in the same areas of Dallas.

Regularly they support Dallas through their Food Bank. Food is provided to recovery houses, veteran homes, and local communities after school programs to people experiencing food insecurity. They also will have The Joshua Center. This group residential housing program will provide a home for men and women who want to get off the street and rebuild their lives. This 2 ½-3 year program will be a traditional faith-based 12-step program combined with counseling, medical care, and vocational training. They will assist people with getting their lives back and becoming productive citizens in their community as they desire to be.

As someone in recovery himself, Pastor Earl recognizes that carrying the message is more than just talking the talk- it’s walking the walk. He knows that by meeting the needs of The Magdalen House through donations of much-needed supplies, Bring the Light Ministries fills the gap. They provide material that supports the alcoholic women in our recovery community and First Step program.

Pastor Earl, his wife Maria, and the volunteers at Bring the Light make it a priority to uplift women in recovery through service work. Maria remembers an adage from Pastor Earls’ grandmother,

“When we are giving back to the community, we are too busy doing the do’s and have no time to do the don’ts.”

The message that any alcoholic woman has a place to recovery at no cost will grow in the Dallas community as Bring the Light works on creating a Maggie’s team to serve on an outreach committee. Members of both of our communities will have a way to be of service- a cornerstone of recovery. Pastor Earl recalls a woman at The Magdalen House telling him how much his step work CDs helped her, thus solidifying the importance of his work and commitment to give back.

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By focusing on what we do well while engaging organizations that meet unique needs, we’re not only able to unify and educate one another, but we are also able to build a stronger community together.