Let’s talk about the stigma that surrounds alcoholism in women.

Shame and Stigma Surrounding Alcoholic Women

Data shows us that less than 1 in 15 alcoholic women will seek formal help, or just over 17,000 of the more than 250,000 alcoholic women in DFW. Why? Because alcoholic women face more stigmatization, shame, family responsibilities, and socioeconomic barriers than their male counterparts.

Changing the Narrative: There Is Hope for Alcoholic Women

But, together, we can change the narrative. Every day that we share our experience – whether we are alcoholic women, or we are friends and family of these women, or merely cheerleaders for Maggie’s – is a day that we fight to break this stigma.

To the alcoholic women who are afraid, ashamed, overwhelmed, and feel like all hope is lost – we are here to tell you we’ve been right where you are, but there IS hope. You are welcome at The Magdalen House, and we’d love to meet you. Join us for any of our meetings, inquire about our Social Detox or Next Step programs, or simply reach out.

Help Alcoholic Women Find the Path to Recovery Today

We believe that when you invest in an alcoholic woman, you help her family, her place of employment, and the community as a whole. Whether your donation is $1 or $1,000, no gift is too small to make an impact.

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